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“Our aim is to release Communities from poverty.”

We are a global community of the like-minded, an independent charity whose shared intention is to alleviate poverty and suffering around the world.  We channel our resources into projects that directly connect communities, donor to recipient, person to person.  We deliver help on the ground through our local partnerships and networks. We are THE local international charity.

When a Community is bound together by common values and skill-sets, the need for growth or even survival, a powerful entity is formed.  Such a community can punch above its weight and gain self momentum becoming a driving force for change on a larger scale. People against Poverty are an organisation that does just that. We have formed a number of strategic and influential Communities that can use their energy and resources to impact on the lives of the poor within our international projects.

Working primarily in Romania, Nepal, Haiti and in the UK with established projects that include Child Sponsorship, meeting medical needs, providing legal assistance, running canteens and providing the means to access school and education for the children and their families.  The children we help are either abandoned, orphaned or are simply living in extreme poverty with their families, residing in abandoned ghetto blocks with no heating, lighting, sanitation or running water and without many of the basic necessities that we take for granted.

If you want to run the Bath Half for People against Poverty your fundraising will be make all the difference to some of the poorest families and children in Romania, Haiti, Nepal and here in the UK.

We have been entering runners into the Bath Half Marathon for several years now. We look forward to supporting you and having you as part of the People against Poverty family!

To join our team please contact Jenny on 01225 718920 or email.