Bath Magazine front cover: an apology

January 29, 2014 // Andrew

The Bath Half Marathon race organisers have issued the following statement regarding the recent cover image of the Bath Magazine – designed to show their support for the forthcoming Bath Half Marathon on 2nd March – and its similarity in appearance to the image on the Boston magazine – which was published in tribute to the runners unable to complete last year’s Boston Marathon following the terrorist attack :

Bath Magazine is a key local partner for the Bath Half Marathon. Both the publisher and the editor are keen recreational runners, familiar faces in the local running scene and enthusiastic supporters of the Bath Half Marathon, both having taken part in last year’s race.

We welcomed Bath Magazine’s decision to show their support for our Bath Half Marathon runners in their February edition by creating a front page image based on the valentine theme ‘Love the Bath Half’. But the design and choice of content for the image was entirely Bath Magazine’s decision. We are sure that no offence was intended by Bath Magazine, and we endorse Bath Magazine’s sincere apology for any distress caused, and their decision to both recall and re-print this issue, and to make a donation to the Boston charity appeal ‘The One Fund’.

The Bath Half Marathon race organisers were not aware of the similarity with the Boston magazine cover, this was not an image we had previously seen, and as soon as this was brought to our attention we removed our earlier endorsement of the Bath magazine cover image from our own social media.

The Bath Half Marathon management team, alongside everyone within the sport of road running across the world was shocked by the tragedy at last year’s Boston Marathon, and our sincere condolences go out to all those affected, and their families.

Almost a year on, the attacks in Boston still hit the running community hard, but runners’ and race organisers’ refusal to be intimidated by continuing to enter and stage mass participation events is an inspiring demonstration of human spirit, and a tribute to those injured and killed in Boston, and indeed in other terrorist attacks across the world.

Our race director attended the medical conference before last year’s London Marathon (the week after Boston) and was moved to hear personal accounts from members of the race medical team who attended the victims, and was also moved to witness the support and solidarity expressed by runners and organisers at last year’s London Marathon. There is no way we would have intentionally upset or disrespected our ‘brothers and sisters’ within the ‘family’ of our sport, and we offer our sincere apology for any distress caused by our initial endorsement of this image.

We acknowledge that this matter has provoked strongly expressed views, whilst also thanking those who have kindly contacted us to indicate their understanding and support.