Bath Half Marathon final pre-race tips

February 25, 2015 // Andrew

These last few days will probably be the hardest because you have to give yourself a break. The main thing to do is significantly reduce your mileage and just do one mini interval session. It’s also good to go for a very short 1-3 mile run the day before the race to help get your body race ready.

The day before the race
Today is the day for last minute packing and preparing. Go through your mental check list and make sure everything’s ticked off.

Eat well today. Introduce a small portion of carbs into your meals throughout the day to help increase your carb intake and start to think about the treats you can eat once you’ve finished the race. (Yum!)

Pack your kit bag. The weather in this country can be so unpredictable so make sure that you have the running kit to reflect that. Take a good quality waterproof lightweight jacket that you can take on and off easily for the rainy weather. You should also consider taking a headband to protect your ears from chilly wind, a hydration bladder and a mini first aid kit.

Also make sure you think about your post race clothing. Pack a change of warm clothes including a nice brand new pair of socks (heaven) and remember to pack yourself a couple of post race treats containing lots of protein to help your body recover. It’s good to eat within 20 minutes of finishing.

You shouldn’t need your confirmation letter on race day unless you’re picking up a pack on the day, but it’s good to bring it just in case. Make sure that you’ve attached your runner number to your running top the day before, that way you won’t have to worry about it in the morning.

Within your kit it’s good to bring a mini first aid kit that includes, an anti-chafing cream, kinesio tape, ibuprofen gel, sun cream and lip balm.

And finally, try and get a good night’s sleep so that you’re bright eyed and well rested for the big day.

Race day
Make sure to eat a good breakfast at least two hours before you step on the starting line and remember to bring your water bottle and any hydration tablets that you need.

Aim to arrive at the race venue at least an hour before you start so that you can get your bearings and soak up the race day atmosphere.

Start mentally preparing as soon as you wake up; break the course down into segments, completing each phase in your mind – doing 4 x 3.25 mile runs is a lot easier for the mind to cope with than one 13.1 mile run. It helps to create a plan where you can work out each segment, outlining your pace and when to take your nutrition. It may take some thought but you’ll be glad when you’re running.

One of the most important pieces of advice that we can give you is to always begin a run believing you can do it otherwise you’re bound to struggle. Have a post race treat in mind; whether it’s a delicious batch of freshly made cupcakes or the thought of getting a nice shiny medal to add to your collection. Focus on it and you’ll get to the end.

We look forward to seeing you all there!