One week to go until the Vitality Bath Half Marathon

February 23, 2015 // Andrew

With just under one week to go until you hit the road for the 2015 Vitality Bath Half Marathon, we’ve put together some last minute preparation tips and advice for those taking part.


  1. You can’t get any fitter now so just stick to steady training. Don’t overdo things as you don’t want to get an injury now.


  1. Plan your rest day so you will be nice and fresh for the big day. If you rest on the Friday just do a steady 2 to 3 miles on the Saturday. Or alternatively, do an easy run on the Friday and rest on the Saturday.


  1. Eat well. Don’t eat anything different on the days leading up to the half marathon. Stick to what you know your body is happy with.


  1. Pack your kit the day before: you’ll need warm clothes, a protein bar or a recovery drink for after the run. Make sure you pack warm clothes for after the run and spare trainers if possible in case you end up having to run in the rain.


  1. Get up nice and early so that you can eat your breakfast with lots of time for your food to digest. Try to eat breakfast a good 2 to 3 hours before you run. You can always have a banana an hour before or sip at an energy drink if you feel you need to.


  1. Be prepared – make sure you fill out your next of kin and medical details on the back of your race number before you arrive and pin your race number to the front centre of your vest so that it’s visible to the marshals.


  1. Try to warm up and stretch a bit before you start and keep warm with old clothing before you start.


  1. Use an old hoodie or top to keep you warm until the start; we recycle clothing for our charities. If you do use a bin liner to keep warm at the start, please make sure you tie it to a barrier when you start the race – we’ve had nasty accidents with loose bin liners wrapping themselves around runners’ feet.


  1. Start slowly – use the first couple of miles as a warm up. The first mile is gently downhill and most runners go off far too fast at the start only to suffer in the later stages. Start slowly and you’ll finish strong.


  1. Remember to enjoy it! It’s been a big build up but all your hard work will all be worth it once you cross the finish line and get your medal. Your chosen charity, friends and family will be so proud of you, well done!


  1. Enter another race! Keep motivated and maintain your fitness by setting your sights on another challenge or a new PB!

If you have any queries please let us know on Twitter (@bathhalf) or Facebook ( or contact us at We look forward to seeing you at the event.