The countdown begins – just two weeks to go to the Vitality Bath Half

February 12, 2015 // Andrew

There are just two weeks to go until the Vitality Bath Half Marathon and it’s at this point that runners need to change up their training style in preparation for the big day.

To help you figure out what that means for you, we’ve found some top tips for tapering and have pulled together some last minute training advice for the 15,000 of you who will be stepping up to the start line.

Two weeks to go is the time to taper

This means that you should begin to reduce the amount of runs you do each week in order to reduce the impact of over training on important muscles. Begin by reducing weekly mileage by around 30%. For example, a 50-mile week will be reduced to around 35 miles.

You then need to change your high intensity work out to a medium intensity session, by either reducing the number of reps or the length of time that you train for.

Finally, shorten your weekly long run by 50- 60% because at this point you won’t significantly improve or reduce your fitness. The distance of this run is more a psychological boost to keep you in a routine and to prevent you from feeling like you’re doing nothing in the run up to the event.

Get a massage

And by massage we don’t mean a lovely, relaxing afternoon in a spa (unfortunately). We mean a proper sports massage from a physiotherapist. They’re a great idea to have throughout your training and both before and after the event to prevent injury and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue.

However, if you’ve never had a sports massage before it’s not recommended to get one two days before the race, because it will leave you feeling sore. The best time to have a sports massage is at two weeks to go and then again at three days to go. After the race we recommend having a further massage within a couple of days to help you walk again.

Stretch, Roller, Stretch
The best way to avoid injuries popping up in the lead up to race day is to stretch, stretch, stretch! Spend at least half an hour or so a day stretching out your muscles. Make sure to mix up post work out stretches with dynamic stretches to increase flexibility and strengthen your muscles.

Using a foam roller is great to roll out any niggles or tight knots but if you have any concerns then please go and see a sports physiotherapist who can show you the right stretches to do to solve whatever problems you may be having.

We hope your training is going well and you’re enjoying the lead up to the Vitality BATHALF. We’ll provide more top tips next week in the final lead up to race day, so check back then for last minute hints and tips.

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