Can You Win the Battle of the Bands?

Once again, we are offering local musicians the chance to play on race day and take part in our Battle of the Bands competition.

For the last five years, local bands have participated in the competition adding to the excitement and entertainment by performing around the course on the day. The winner of the competition is decided by the runners, who vote for the best bands post-race day and the winning band receives a cash prize of £500.

Race Director, Andrew Taylor said “The Bands play an extremely important role in the race as they create a tremendous atmosphere both for the runners and the spectators. We have a real variety of music from samba and jazz to modern, and the feedback shows the runners love the music on the course. While the course is run through the city centre some places on the outskirts of the city can feel a little bit lonely, but with the bands there playing they certainly help to lift the runners’ spirits.”

To take part in the 2020 Battle of the Bands competition, bands must register interest by sending an email to [email protected] and preferably with a short video link to some online footage.

The Bath Half Marathon 2020 takes place on Sunday 15th March.

2019’s Battle of the Bands winner was DRUMCAN. Here is what he said about the competition and winning.

“Having ran the Bath half marathon in 2016 the thing that struck me was how much energy and atmosphere the bands provide. Since then I have applied to take part in the BOTB competition every year so naturally I was really excited to be given the opportunity this year.

Playing to all the runners was a really great experience and all the cheering, thumbs up and run/dancing past help me as much as my music hopefully helped everyone competing!

Winning the competition – and the £500 was really special so a HUGE THANK YOU to each and every runner that took the time to vote!”