Introducing the 2021 Local Lead Charity

“I have seen at first hand the inspiring and transformative work being done by Jamie’s Farm to support vulnerable young people within our community, and we’re delighted to welcome them as our 2021 Local Lead Charity”. 

Andrew Taylor Race Director

Each year we use the platform of the BATHALF to highlight the work of one of our local charities, either based in Bath or delivering services within Bath and North East Somerset.  We offer the enhanced naming rights, website advertising and race day hospitality free of charge to our Local Lead Charity.

Over the last 21 years, in addition to increased fundraising, this scheme has also provided an opportunity for local charities to promote and publicise the invaluable work they do within our local community.

Recent Local Lead Charities have included Bath Mind in 2020, Children’s Hospice South West in 2019, St John’s Foundation in 2018 and Dorothy House in 2017.  Bath Mind and Children’s Hospice South West both doubled their normal fundraising from the event in their year as Lead Local Charity.

From their HQ at Hill House Farm in Box, just outside Bath, Jamie’s Farm delivers services for vulnerable young people within Bath and North East Somerset and the local schools area, and co-ordinates services at their other farms in Hereford, Monmouth, Lewes and their city farm in Waterloo.

Jamie’s Farm is inviting you to join them on the start line of the Bath Half 2021 and help transform young lives!

About Jamie’s Farm:

Jamie’s Farm supports vulnerable children at risk of academic and social exclusion. Their programme based on real working farms brings together ‘Farming, Family and Therapy’. Here, children have the opportunity to work with animals, experience the countryside, have a break from technology and realise their true potential.

You can make a true difference:

This year disruptions to schooling, increased pressures at home and limited access to services, have exacerbated the risk for our most vulnerable children. For many, their lives, mental well-being and in some cases, their safety, have been impacted. Running for Jamie’s Farm means that the money you raise will directly help children flourish at school and beyond, at a time they need it the most.


    Case Study

    Meet Mia:

    “Before Jamie’s Farm, I was starting to slip into a really dark and low, upsetting state because there was stress from school and loads of problems with my friends, and my own personal self-esteem battles as well. My relationship with my parents started to get really hostile and everything was really chaotic and falling down in front of me. I didn’t really talk about it because I felt no one really cared.

    I was really hesitant and sceptical to go to Jamie’s Farm. ‘What am I going to do on a farm for a week, a girl from London?!’

    As soon as we got to the farm, we dropped our bags off and went to see a sheep lambing. My friend who is one of the shyest people I know just jumped straight in to help – we hadn’t even been there for 10 minutes! Everyone was so lovely, and it was such a warm atmosphere I felt so comfortable.

    As soon as I left, I rang my mum and told her about the week – she didn’t believe a City girl had done it! I came back so happy! In the future I want to stay in touch with Jamie’s Farm because I just think it’s been so beneficial to me – it does something, it really does. I think it’s the air!”

    Mia’s Mum:

    “Mia’s stay at Jamie’s Farm had an overwhelmingly positive impact on her life. She came back glowing with pride and joy and a newfound faith in herself and her abilities. To have the opportunity to spend a week without technology, suddenly enabled her to look deeper into herself. Her favourite part was the ‘can do’ attitude championed at Jamie’s Farm, which she brought home with her and it serves us as a great reminder that she indeed can. I salute and thank Jamie’s Farm for changing the future, one child at a time.”