Getting motivated this Christmas

We know for many, Christmas will not be the same this year and we get that beginning your training for the Virtual Bath Half may seem quite daunting and like you are at the bottom of a mountain but dividing your training into manageable junks and achieving small goals throughout your training will really help you stay motivated.

“The best views come after the hardest climbs”


1. Set A Goal To Achieve By The End Of The Month

To help you stay focused, set a realistic target to achieve by the end of the month. Your goal might be an aim to increase your training speeds and times or distances or it could be to complete a Virtual Event but measure yourself against this goal weekly so you can see signs of progress.

2. Get Out Training Early

This may not sound the most appealing thing to do, especially when it’s cold and dark, but if you can manage to get out and have a session early on, this allows you to get your training out of the way so that your evenings are free.

3. Follow A Training Plan

Following a training plan will not only help you in the right direction for your training but also hold you accountable for your own training.

Trying to prepare for a Half Marathon without a training plan is almost like trying to find your way to a new town without a map and signposts! To successfully set off and ultimately complete your journey towards marathon success, you need to follow a structured training plan that is right for your fitness levels and will take you safely towards your marathon goal.

4. Add Some Cross-Training To Your Programme

Although for some gyms are now closed, there are plenty of home exercises out there that will add a bit of variety to your training and also help strengthen your joints so they become accustomed to running. This can make all the difference. Why not avoid the cold weather and take your training indoors? Consider the possibilities open to you – swimming, cycling and gym work are all great opportunities to improve your flexibility, strength and general fitness.

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5. Wear Layers To Stay Warm

Even the most dedicated of runners can find their motivation on the slide during a cold running session. Make sure you layer-up and wear a lightweight hat and gloves when you head out – you can always take them off if you get too hot.

6.Train With A Running Buddy

training partner will help keep you motivated. You can compare performances and use this to motivate each other. Both of you will be less likely to miss a session if you have already made plans to go out running together.

7. Add Variety To Your Training

Try different places to train to keep you fresh. Treadmill running is gentler on the knees and a perfect training alternative if the weather is miserable, particularly when icy, and an outdoor session is impossible. If it has been snowing, then running on grass is preferable to running on icy roads.

8. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself If You Miss A Session

If you do miss training, don’t allow this to dampen your dedication and enthusiasm. Just get back into training and make sure it does not become a habit. One missed session does not mean all your progress will have been halted.