Surjit Singh | Runner Story

Meet Surjit, a 41-year-old ID Program Manager from Swindon. Since the UK first went into lockdown on the 23rd of March, Surjit has committed to running a Half Marathon every Sunday for the NHS; he has now completed 45 and is committed to run every weekend until the situation gets better.

Surjit is also taking part in the 2021 Virtual Bath Half in March which will mark almost a year since the pandemic began and a year since he started this challenge.

In his own words:

“Every year I chose some charity and try raising funds through my running. Normally I plan for a Half Marathon every month (12 per year).”

“But this time with all due respect to NHS frontline workers I tried something which I have never done before. I started this challenge when lockdown was announced on 23rd of March with hope that I have to do this maximum for 10 – 15 weeks and then things will get normal.”

The initial challenge on himself and the body:

“I never thought that in this modern era something like this sort could not be handled. This was a difficult challenge as I am not a professional runner. The first 5 weeks were very difficult for me and I had lot of sleepless nights because of my lack of conditioning.

A gradual improvement over time:

“I started slowly but over time things started getting easier building up from 25+KMs to 30KMs.”

Surjit has now raised over £1000 for NHS charities together; to donate see link below:

Donate now – JustGiving 

Feeling inspired? Entries for the Virtual Bath Half are still open – Enter Now!