Baby Check Bath is a pioneering registered charity, with research objectives, dedicated to providing a postnatal osteopathy service for mums & babies from low income families living in Bath & North East Somerset.

These babies are distressed, cry for prolonged periods of time, and are difficult to feed and soothe. These early weeks and months can be very challenging both for them and for the whole family. New mothers who are in pain/ discomfort after a difficult birth and who may be struggling to breastfeed may find it more difficult to feed and settle into motherhood.

We believe that osteopathy has an important role in helping these mums & babies to feed, sleep and settle; helping families to bond and enjoy the early weeks after birth.

Our Aims

  • We will provide osteopathic assessment and treatment for up to 200 babies & new mums per year, free of charge
  • We will establish strong partnerships with community groups and healthcare professionals working with new mums & babies for the benefit of families in our care
  • Baby Check Bath has been established as a research project, gathering data to study the effectiveness of postnatal osteopathic treatment for both mums & babies
  • Fundraising will support this vital work helping local families in need to thrive.

If you would like to run for us, please email:[email protected]

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