Baby Check Bath is a pioneering, not-for-profit organisation providing a free of charge osteopathic service to babies born within BANES to ensure that all local families have equal access to this vital service.

Osteopathy is a gentle form of treatment that alleviates tensions and strains within an infants body that may arise during a difficult birth. These tensions may make infants uncomfortable, contributing to the distressing symptoms of colic, or prevent infants from establishing exclusive breast feeding which can effect the long term health and development of the infant. Our vision is to provide infants with the best possible opportunity for optimal health at this critical stage of the infants growth and development.

Alongside our valuable clinical work we are dedicated to ongoing research to establish the effectiveness of osteopathic treatment as an integral component of early infant care.

At present, we have a 6 week waiting list and we dearly want to reduce this waiting time for mothers and babies.

If you would like to run for us please contact Helen Coutts on 01225 460106 or Email us at  [email protected]

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