Bath Cancer Unit Support Group

Bath Cancer Unit Support Group is a small local charity run entirely by volunteers who raise money to purchase equipment and provide facilities and services unable to be funded by the NHS to benefit cancer patients at the Royal United Hospital, Bath.

As a result of having no premises or employees and being run by a small group of volunteers who generally fund their own expenses, BCUSG has very low overheads with around 90-95% of funds raised going direct to projects.

Our current project is to raise £580,000 to purchase two surface guided radiotherapy technology (SGRT) systems that track a patient’s position with pinpoint accuracy during treatment. This helps to ensure that radiation reaches exactly the right place while avoiding vital organs.

Patients receiving radiotherapy to the head can also wear an open-faced mask, which is less claustrophobic than a full-face one. It is hoped that the new technology will help cut treatment times and waiting lists because SGRT reduces the need for repeat imaging.


It also removes the need for permanent marks on patients unlike traditional radiotherapy which requires at least three small tattoos to position patients correctly. This can have a negative psychological impact on patients because the marks are often a permanent reminder of their cancer treatment.

Instead, the SGRT system tracks the skin’s surface using special infrared 3D cameras to ensure patients are always in the correct position. The radiation beam stops automatically if the patient moves, which makes it much safer than traditional treatment.


“The prospect of having this new technology in our department is really exciting,” said Lisa Tolson, Radiotherapy Service Manager at the RUH. “We’re so thankful to the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group for making it the focus of their new fundraising campaign.

BCUSG have places available for the Bath Half 2022 in support of this important project.

BCUSG runners will be provided with a personalised running “T” shirt and we will be there on race day to support you.

Visit for lots more information about BCUSG.

If you would like to run the Bath Half 2022 for Bath Cancer Unit Support Group and help in making a real difference for local cancer patients, please e-mail Alan Webb on [email protected] for more information and an application form.