Results for the 2019 Bath Half and Family Fun Run

Mentoring Plus

Applicant: Mentoring Plus
Date: Dec 2011
Grant Awarded: £1,500

Project: Contributing to the provision of a variety of activities including canoeing, mountain biking and climbing.

Feedback from grant recipient:
With this funding Mentoring Plus are able to provide a wider variety of activities for their groups such as cookery, woodwork, bicycle workshops, climbing, art, photography and various sports groups. They are designed to assist young people to develop practical, social and educational skills.

We have had a really busy year; receiving 55 new referrals. We have been able to organise 16 activities with 40 young people attending. These activities provide a great way of introducing young people to the Mentoring Plus project.

Feedback from the Bath Half team:
This is one of our favourite images sent to us by our grant recipients. It’s fantastic to see young and vulnerable people engaged in activities which they just wouldn’t have access to without an organisation like Mentoring Plus (and the funds provided by our runners). Mentoring Plus not only reduces the risk of young people offending but also empowers them to reach their potential. We are proud to support this local charity working in the heart of our community with some of the most vulnerable people in our city.

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