Toybox Toy Library

Applicant: Toybox Toy Library
Date: Dec 2012
Grant Awarded: £500

To cover the cost of a part time staff member to help run the toy library and stay & play services and also to create capacity to be able to focus more on outreach work

Feedback from grant recipient:
The grant has enables us to appoint a second staff member. Our membership had increased considerably over the last 12 months and our library sessions were getting busy. Having two staff members means we are better able to meet the needs of our members, engage the families in more activities and assist in guiding them towards age appropriate toys. This means our members get much more out of our sessions and we are in a better position to welcome lots more new members in the future. This year Toybox is celebrating its 25th anniversary so it’s great that we have the funds to continue to develop further.

Feedback from the Bath Half team:
We were really pleased to support this long-standing community group who have served the community of Weston for 25 years. Toy libraries are a brilliant way to encourage children to play – a crucial factor in every child’s development. Toybox provides access to a range of toys, which for some families would just not be affordable. It also provides a place for families to meet up and a space for children to come together and play.

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