Your challenge – 13 miles 192.5 yards.  Ours – saving lives.

The typical life expectancy of a homeless person is just 47 years – compared to 77 for the general population.

Life on the streets is tough. Little things are often a major challenge – staying warm, eating reasonable food, finding somewhere safe to sleep and even minor illnesses can be doubly unpleasant.  Add to this the extra health risks that many homeless people suffer and it’s easy to see why the support of organisations like Julian House is so important.

Although Julian House is best known for its emergency night shelter, in fact the charity’s work is much broader – addressing not only the symptoms of homelessness but also the reasons why our clients are forced in this situation.  Julian House operates 10 main projects at 6 different sites including Supported Housing, a Meaningful Occupation programme, a busy Day Centre which incorporates a GP practice, a Domestic Violence refuge and of course the Night Shelter. TheBath Bike Workshop is our first social enterprise – offering training opportunities for Julian House clients and a valuable springboard back into the jobs market.

Please consider using your place in the Bath Half Marathon to support our work or take one of our Silver Bond entries. It really will make a difference to some of the most marginalised members of society. Prior to the event we organise training runs, including one lap of the course – especially helpful for less experienced runners.  We also provide a quality running vest/T-shirt and a post event reception where you can meet up with family members/friends.

Mad outfits are not essential but you’ll certainly get noticed!

Silver Bond entry forms are available on the Julian House website here or by contacting Tessa Kerslake on 01225 354 781 or [email protected]


Bath Half Fundraising History 

Julian House has now been an official charity partner of the Bath Half Marathon for 19 years and in this time have raised a total figure of £214,950 from fundraising at this event.

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