Mentoring Plus is an independent charity supporting children and young people across Bath & NE Somerset. The children and young people we help support face extremely tough challenges in their lives, these could be difficulties at school, at home or with peers. Children and teens who may be struggling with anxiety, unmet needs or a lack of family resources miss out on education and opportunities, this can lead to feelings of loneliness, hopelessness and not knowing where to turn for support. 

Since 1998, with the help of our community, we’ve been offering 1:1 mentoring, activities and youth clubs to young people who are struggling. We recruit, train and support adult volunteers from all walks of life to mentor young people who need a positive role model, someone who will meet with them each week and create the space they need for positive change. Help us to continue to support young people in your community by running the Bath Half.






If you would like to run for us, please Email Becki at [email protected] for registration information.

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