Who we are

SANE is a leading UK mental health charity improving quality of life for anyone affected by mental illness.

The charity aims to:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of all mental health conditions.
  • Combat the stigma surrounding mental illness and fight to improve frontline services for individuals and carers.
  • Provide support, information and guidance through its helpline SANEline, email and ongoing support services, Textcare and Online Forum.
  • Promote and host research into the causes of mental illness and the effectiveness of treatments and therapies at the Prince of Wales International Centre for SANE Research in Oxford.

SANE’s vision is to help create a world in which there is no shame or blame surrounding mental illness, which it believes needs to be recognised as one of the greatest challenges facing society and must be treated with the same seriousness as physical health conditions

Since SANE was founded the mental health landscape has changed dramatically. National programmes and strategies for service development have been established, and public awareness and anti-stigma campaigns have brought mental illness out of the shadows.

Yet we still find ourselves fighting on behalf of people for whom services are not available or do not meet need, and who often feel they have nowhere to turn in crisis.

If you would like to run for us, please email Jonathan Langley at: [email protected]

Charity website: https://www.sane.org.uk/