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Using sport to empower, inspire and motivate local families into making positive, lifelong changes, creating opportunities for all.”

Sporting Family Change has a whole based approach to mentoring which is unique. SFC works with a young person within their family unit and works with them on their strengths, helps them build on these successes and support them in areas of their lives where they may find life more challenging.

SFC will work in schools and community settings to support these individuals and mentor them to reach their potential, often supporting the whole family to achieve success, however big or small, but which can have a major impact on a young person’s life.

Health Opportunities through Physical Education is one of our exciting programmes, tailored for family based activities, including sport, dance, physical activity and nutrition. Sporting Family Change will work with partner organisations to educate all members of the family through nutrition advice and support, offering simple ideas to help you make the right choices, at affordable prices, for families to cook and enjoy together.

We also work closely with young people, especially those with learning disabilities, families, agencies and employers to support and train the individual into employment, whether in a volunteer capacity or paid employment. Once in employment we arrange social events for the young adults to enjoy in a safe and friendly environment.

Since the Sporting Family Change team started working with local families in 2014, it became evident that many of these amazing people, for many reasons, were unable to have a break from their day to day lives. The money raised will give families the opportunity to receive a short break holiday, to spend that much needed quality time together.

For information on how to apply for a place on the Sporting Family Change team contact us at [email protected]  or on 07811101468.


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We look forward to seeing you at the Bath Half Marathon 2022!

Bath Half Fundraising History

Sporting Family Change has now been an official charity partner of the Bath Half Marathon for 6 years and in this time have raised a total figure of £20,180 from fundraising at this event.