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As a local charity, we need all the support we can get.

Based in the west country, we have a clear mission to increase survival rates of bowel cancer in communities across the region. By running for us, you are making a real difference to the lives of local people:

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  • Achievable fundraising target of £175
  • Free running vest provided
  • Large local support to keep you motivated
  • Fundraising for an important cause:


One in three people in the West Country knows someone with Bowel Cancer and the region is at particularly high risk with 91% of people (recently polled by us) admitting their awareness of symptoms is ‘average’ or ‘poor’.

Our aim as a charity is to raise funds for three areas: (1) Further training of medical practitioners – GP’s and nurses (2) Campaign our crucial bowel cancer awareness message (3) A series of local led research projects where there is a gap nationally.

We have a simple message that early diagnosis of bowel cancer can save your life:

“If you experience symptoms such as bleeding from the bottom, abdominal pain or bloating, weight loss or a change in bowel habits- please don’t sit on it, contact your GP immediately.”  Surgeon Mark Coleman (BCW chairman and a UK lead on colorectal surgery).

We currently have four south west based research projects underway in 2017 and hoping to commit to more in the Bath/Bristol area in 2018 as well as fund essential training for NHS staff and continue to raise awareness of bowel cancer. By raising the minimum £175 in running for us, this can make a huge difference to our cause and help us continue our charitable activities in the immediate area.

If enough people support our cause, we believe we can make a significant impact on mortality rates across the region.

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