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Dance Again ??? I can barely walk!!

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For those of you who CAN run, or even walk fast, here’s why you should join our team

This is what’s in it for you

–  A lovely purple and turquoise running vest to don on the day with your name on it
–  Friendly sports doc on the end of the phone to help you tailor your training
–  Motivating messages throughout the grim winter evening runs
–  Ideas for weedling cash out of your friends and family
–  Pre race welcome and goodies
–  Post race massage, and more goodies

This is what we do:

We think of dancers as athletes and so they should have access to specialist medical help if they need it, just like other sports men and women.

DA sets out to help dancers get proper diagnosis and treatment, so acute injuries do not become chronic.

With 80% of dancers experiencing some kind of injury during their career, they often fall outside specialist sports medicine help.

When Ballet dancer Jack Widdowson from Bath suffered a career-threatening neck injury in Cardiff in 2011 he was so lucky to fully recover and is now back dancing professionally. We were so grateful that the specialist care and intensive rehab programme that we were able to provide was so successful that we decided to set up this charity to help OTHER dancers.

We offer immediate post injury advice and help with early rehabilitation, working with the dancer’s medical team to achieve the optimum recovery.

In 2014 we added the specialism of dance medicine to an NHS sports injury clinic here in Bath, which is very well attended. In addition we have given advice and other support to many dancers all over UK.

Our ethos is to promote good use of skills and make the most existing medical care , All our staff are volunteers and we try to make any money raised go a long, long way – so every pound counts .

We all love dance,  whether its Strictly, Hip Hop, Pole dancing (?) Ballet or tap and so we hope you will join our team and help us support dancers and keep them dancing.

To run for Dance Again please contact Celia Widdowson on 07811 958974 or email.



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