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SWIFT Medics is a charity that equips and trains volunteer doctors in Wiltshire, Swindon and Bristol to attend serious and significant incidents for South Western Ambulance Service Trust.

 It is often thought that doctors can be called from hospitals if required.  This is not the case.

Each year we are called to over 200 medical emergencies involving around 300 patients.  Each attendance costs on average £75 –  to fund this, plus our equipment and training, we rely entirely on the public and receive no funding from the NHS.

Emergency Response, the backbone of our work

  • We are the only emergency doctors available for the South Western Ambulance Service Trust in Wiltshire, Swindon and Bristol
  • We are a voluntary service
  • Time is given freely by the doctors and support staff
  • Training and equipment are all funded by kind donations to the charity


What a SWIFT Medics Doctor brings:

  • A well trained, experienced doctor who will frequently lead the team to manage multiple casualties
  • Experience in prioritisation of casualties ensuring that the right patient arrives at the right hospital at the right time and by the right means of transport. This has a vital influence on recovery and survival
  • Certain specialist emergency surgical procedures at the roadside for treatment of immediately life threatening conditions, relief of pain and pre-hospital anesthesia to stabilise the critically injured patient
  • SWIFT Medics doctors offer extra equipment, drugs, knowledge and experience from medical training adapted for use out of hospital
  • SWIFT Medics doctors can provide hospital level care at the scene to patients who are trapped
  • A SWIFT Medics doctor helps ensure every minute counts at the very beginning of ‘the golden hour’.


Contact Angela on 01672 555499 or email info@swiftmedics.net