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Join The Gambia Volunteers running team at the 2014 Bath Half Marathon!

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Running for The Gambia Volunteers and for Africa is a huge pride in itself. Running the Bath half marathon wearing The Gambia Volunteers running vest, you will stand out of the crowd as a champion supporting good causes for Africa. If you have not run for a charity working in Africa, we urge you to try the Gambia Volunteers this time around. We promise all our runners a huge amount of support on the day and in the build-up to the event. You will receive regular contact from a dedicated fundraiser, fundraising advice and a free Gambia Volunteers running vest.

Group of people in Gambia

Your support by running and fund raising for The Gambia Volunteers will allow us to continue providing incredible support for building and refurbishing nursery schools in The Gambia.  Providing and supporting volunteer work in various sectors of our community. The Gambia Volunteers is an international charity fighting to enhance the dignity and to improve the lives of people living in poverty; to enable people to help themselves by providing practical opportunities to create a better future; to work with determination and care to empower people in need. 

Joining The Gambia Volunteers team will give you access to other exciting opportunities: guaranteed places in the Brighton Marathon 2014, trip to The Gambia to attend BAJANA MARATHON 2014, the chance to attend other marathons in the UK!

If you already have a place in the run but want to raise money for our work in the UK and in particular The Gambia; pleaseemail us to receive your free Bath half marathon running vest.

To join The Gambia Volunteers running team at Bath Half Marathon 2014, please contact Roy on 01132 498897, 07796 412213 or email us.


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