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CHARITY TRUST PA – The Spinal Injury Charity:

Helping spinally injured & paralysed people by raising funds to make future treatments possible to end the permanence of spinal cord injury paralysis.

TRUST PA is working to help fund the process of converting groundbreaking laboratory science into real treatments for the repair of spinal cord injury (SCI) paralysis. This will restore sensation & movement to SCI paralysed men, women and children.

Imagine being suddenly paralysed and in a wheelchair for the rest of your life! It’s a fact that 4 times every day in the UK people have paralysing accidents while involved in normal daily activities like; driving, work or recreation. The average age of those facing this daunting prospect is just 19yrs of age. Please help us make treatments available in NHS Hospitals as soon as possible.

Paul-André Blundell (known as P-A) was seriously injured in a rugby tackle in 2001. He suffered the life changing ongoing prospect of permanent paralysis with the inability to breathe unaided. While in rehab, P-A learned of the pioneering work of Prof Geoffrey Raisman FRS to repair spinal cord damage and this gave him inspiration and hope to work towards a more positive future for himself. He planned to be involved in the clinical trials but sadly almost 6 months later he died suddenly from a blood clot (PE). The Trust was set up in P-A`s memory by his family to help make these vital repair treatments available as soon as possible.

NB: The additional information resulting from this work will also help to resolve other neurological problems including; Nerve Deafness, Nerve Blindness, Alzheimer’s, Stroke & Parkinson’s.

Trust PA PRESIDENT Sir Christian Bonington CBE
Trust PA PATRONS Actors: Matthew Rhys, Ioan Gruffudd & Neil Jackson

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TRUST PA Office – 9 Vicarage Court Cardiff CF3 2NA
T: 01633 682737
M: 07776 216347

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