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Thank you for your interest in running for Wellbeing of Women. We would be delighted to have you on our Bath Half Marathon team and raise funds to help us improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life for women and their families.

Wellbeing of Women champions women’s health by investing in pioneering research to find cures and treatments. We are the only charity that funds research across the breadth of reproductive health and childbirth, transforming the lives of women, and their families. Many of the treatments and tests taken for granted today and used in everyday clinical practice throughout the UK and beyond, benefitting millions of women, came about thanks to research Wellbeing of Women has funded over the last 50 years.  Folic acid to protect the unborn baby, ultrasound in pregnancy, the link between HPV and cervical cancer leading to the national immunisation programme for teenage girls in the UK and over 130 countries around the world and the use of lasers to treat cervical cancer are just some of the medical breakthroughs that Wellbeing of Women research has led to.

The UK’s statistics around reproductive health is shocking. 1 in 2 women will suffer from some kind of reproductive or gynaecological health problem at some point in their lives. 17 babies die each day due to birth complications. 21 women die each day from gynaecological cancer.

Given these statistics, astonishingly only 2.48% of all publicly funded medical research in the UK is devoted to reproductive health and childbirth. That’s why our work in this overlooked and underfunded area is vital.

The money raised by Bath Half Marathon runners will allow Wellbeing of Women to fund further pioneering medical research to improve diagnosis, develop better treatments, and find cures for reproductive health issues. Wellbeing does this by funding Research Grants, Research Training Fellowships and Entry Level Scholarships in three areas:

-Pregnancy and childbirth – issues such as preterm birth, miscarriage and preeclampsia

-General wellbeing issues affecting quality of life – for example, incontinence, endometriosis and the menopause

-Gynaecological cancers – over 21,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer each year and the number of incidences is on the ris

To find out more about our work, please visit www.wellbeingofwomen.org.uk


All Wellbeing of Women runners in the 2018 Bath Half Marathon will receive:

-A Wellbeing of Women running vest/t-shirt

-Support from a dedicated team

-A fundraising and events pack


To join the Wellbeing of Women team today, please get in touch with the Community Fundraising Team on 020 3697 7000, or by emailing us.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you!