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Wiltshire Air Ambulance – Funded by you, flying for you.

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We are your local air ambulance for Wiltshire, flying anywhere in the county in 11 minutes. Our highly skilled paramedics can deliver critical care for patients at the scene and transfer them rapidly to the best hospital for their needs. The speed of the helicopter, along with the expertise of our crew, can make the difference between life and death. We are a life saving charity, but we aren’t government funded, which means we rely on our fundraisers to help us to keep flying.


We operate 19 hours a day, 365 days a year and our helicopter is one of two Air Ambulances in the South West who can attend emergencies at night. Nor do we stop at the county border – 12% of our call-outs are to emergencies in neighbouring counties. We can reach places inaccessible by road and assist people whose injuries could be further complicated by a road journey to hospital.


To keep our helicopter flying and saving lives costs £3.25 million a year, in 2017 the Bath Half Marathon contributed over £23,000 to this total, which was amazing! These donations were able to help us keep flying and operating as a charity. We believe that everything starts with a coin, so whether you raise £1 or £1,000 for us, you will be helping us to save lives.


You never know when you could need us, so if you’ve already booked your own place in the race, please consider raising funds for us. You really can make a difference and help save lives. Just let us know and we’ll send you everything you need to get started.’


For more information, and to sign up, email kenresa@wiltshireairambulance.co.uk or click HERE

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