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We sincerely apologise to all those who missed out on their finishers medal and T-shirt on race day, and we fully understand their disappointment. Be assured we will be posting them replacement medals and T-shirts as soon as we can, and we will be contacting all affected runners to confirm details.

We would also ask affected runners who have not already done so to contact us through our website. Please use the form below.

Our initial estimate was of a shortfall of 250 . Our team recorded the race numbers of all runners who didn’t get a medal and T-shirt, and from reviewing that information it appears the shortfall was nearer to 700.

With mass-participation events such as the Bath Half Marathon, where runners often register to enter a race several months before race day, sometimes up to 12 months in advance, there is inevitably a significant drop out between the number of runners entering an event against the number actually attending to run on the day, typically a 20-30% drop out.

We capped entry numbers at the race at 15,000 entries in 2008, based on the number of participants we feel we can comfortably and safely accommodate at the event. Over the last 9 years based on 15,000 entries, finisher numbers have averaged 11,000 per year.

Whilst we have to ensure we have sufficient goods for all runners, we also have to balance this against the cost and waste of un-needed T-shirts and medals, which cannot be re-used, and we also have a responsibility to minimise landfill waste generated by the event.

So for each year’s race we order the number of medals and T-shirts based on predicted finisher numbers. This year, as in recent years, we ordered what we judged sufficient for an anticipated maximum number attending.

This year we had a record number of 12,748 attending the event, which represents a 16% drop out rate, and our race day stocks of medals and t-shirts were insufficient. Unfortunately we got it wrong and we have disappointed a number of our runners. For this we are very sorry.

Andrew Taylor, Race Director, Bath Half Marathon

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