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Ballot Entries

Ballot applications for the 2021 Bath Half Marathon are now open


How will the Ballot work?

  • An fee of £25.00 (plus non-refundable booking fee) will secure your Ballot application.
  • The Ballot for the second batch of general entries will close on 18th October.
  • Successful Ballot applicants will be offered a general half marathon entry for the 2021 Bath Half, and will be invited to pay the Supplemental Entry Fee of £21.50 (£19.50 for UKA club members) – plus booking fee – to secure your half marathon entry.
  • Unsuccessful Ballot applicants will be offered either
    • An exclusive Bath Half Training T-Shirt by post, or
    • Donate your Ballot Entry fee to the Bath Half Marathon Fund (funding smaller local charities), or
    • a refund of your Ballot Entry fee – excl booking fee

The decision of the Race Organiser shall be final

Public safety will always be our number one priority at the Bath Half 

To ensure a COVID-secure event we are provisionally halving the number of general entries at the 2021 Bath Half

At this stage, we’re taking a cautious view that social distancing will still be in place for March. Our initial modelling shows that we can safely accommodate 10,000 half marathon entries with some alterations to the usual format of the event.

Normally we sell 15,000 entries for the Bath Half Marathon – 10,000 general entries plus 5,000 reserved charity entries.

So this year at this stage we are only initially releasing 5,000 general half marathon entries, half as discounted Early Bird entries, and the other half as first-come-first-served general entries.

We’ve had record half marathon entry sales this year, with general entries entries selling out in just 5 weeks, and our discounted Early Bird entries selling out in just 6 days.

As our event plans develop or if the COVID situation improves we are confident of being able to release a second allocation of general entries, and we will allocate these by Ballot, which we think is the fairest way of allocating the remaining entries.

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