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How to Run Well by Virgin Active

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We all know how to run, right?

Not necessarily.

Go to your local park and watch people running and you’ll see a million different styles. There’s the shuffler, barely picking up their feet. There’s the twister, their whole upper body twisting with each step. The list goes on. Now watch a 7-year-old run. They’ve probably got it about right because they haven’t learned any bad habits yet.

But so what if you run like a Shetland pony with a heavy load? Where’s the harm? For some, there’s no harm. For others, poor form can result in repetitive injuries that refuse to go away.

For everyone, the beauty of improving your running form is that it makes you more efficient, less prone to injury, and often quite a bit faster. Go in to a running shop and they’ll point a camera at your feet and prescribe some trainers that aim to fix your problem. But quite a few of those problems are fairly simple to correct with an improvement in form.

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Congratulations on getting a place at this weekend’s Vitality BathHalf and good luck with the race.


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