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Take the stress out of race day by making plans now. Here you can find all the information you need beforehand, so that on race day all you have to think about is running!

Details of race day timings, Runners Village and course maps, recommended spectator points and travel information can be found here and are also on the handy pocket sized Race Day Guide, included in entrants’ race packs. These will be posted to all runners before the race.

View and download our 2020 Race Day Guide 



  • Race Day Tracking App

    We are delighted to release details of our free downloadable App allowing supporters to track your progress around the course and predict estimated finishing times using additional intermediate chip timing points at 5km, 10km, 15km and 20km.

    This is technology specifically designed to cope with the 2-lap course at the Bath Half, and dependent on availability of internet access.

    The Active Experience App features an interactive course map for your friends and family to track your progress around the route and can be downloaded via the App Store or the Google Play Store. Just search for “The Active Experience”.

    The mile and 5km markers will be on the left kerb on the first lap as you run, and the on the right kerb on the second lap.

  • Getting to the Half Marathon Start

    The half marathon starts at 11.00am.

    Access to the Runners Village is from Bath Sports Centre on North Parade Road

    Please be ready in the Runners Village when the half marathon start pens open at 10.00am, as it takes a while for us to get over 15,000 runners assembled and ready for the start.

    To reduce congestion at the Runners Village there is a one way pedestrian system in operation. Please follow the pedestrian signs on the day. Please check the maps on the Race Day Guide and plan your route to avoid frustration.

    Red Routes – To the Runners Village (Bath Sports Centre)
    Blue Routes – Spectators to the start & finish
    White, Green & Orange Routes – Half marathon runners to their designated start bays.

  • Travel Information

    See our Getting to the Race page to find all the latest information about trains, buses, park & ride and car parking.

  • Half Marathon Start Pen Information

    Half marathon entrants will be allocated one of eight start pens, seeded according to the finish time you predicted on your entry form, with the fastest runners at the front and the slowest runners at the back. Your designated start pen will be indicated by the prefix letter on your race number (from A at the front, to H at the back).

    The front pens are reserved for elite and best for age athletes, runners with verified sub 90 mins finishing times, and faster general public entrants.

    Runners will be directed into their start pens along three colour-coded routes from the Runners Village corresponding with the colours on your race numbers :

    • White Pens (A-E) at the front are accessed via Pulteney Mews and William Street
    • The middle Green Pen (F) is accessed along the Riverside path, Spring Gardens Road, Grove Street, Argyle Street and Laura Place.
    • The rear Orange Pens (G & H) are also accessed along the Riverside path, Grove Street and Henrietta Street.

    Regardless of which pen you start in, all runners receive their own personal ‘chip time’ published in the race results recording your actual running time on the half marathon course, from the exact moment you crossed the start line until you finish the race.

    On race day you can decide to move back to a ‘slower’ pen behind your allocated pen, for instance if you want to accompany a slower runner, but runners cannot move forward into a ‘faster’ start pen.

    If you wish to be allocated to a faster start pen you can order and pay for a replacement race pack.

  • Baggage Tent

    If you want to leave your kit in our baggage tent in the race village then please tear off the detachable tag on the bottom of your race number and thread through the end handle of your bag.

    All baggage is left at the owner’s risk. The organisers cannot be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of the facilities.

  • Keeping warm before and after the race.

    Once you’ve left your warm clothes either at the baggage tent or with your friends and family and started to make your way to the start pens, it can be hard to stay warm. Bring an old hoodie or jumper with you to keep you warm as you wait for the start. You can discard this at the side of your start pen as you go under starters orders – these are collected and recycled by one of our race charities. If you don’t have a spare one, buy one from your local charity shop.

    Please do not bring bin liners to wear in your start pen, they create landfill waste and they can be dangerous, tripping other runners at the start.

    If you have given your warm clothes to friends and family before the race, make a plan for where you are going to meet them afterwards. Meeting points are signposted in the Runners’ Village.

  • Toilets

    There will be plenty of toilets in the Runners Village, and in the Bath Rugby East Stand.  We also provide further runner only toilets along the pedestrian routes into the start bays.  Toilets do get busy a peak time before the race and you will need to queue. We also provide toilets on the course on Green Park Road just after the 1st mile and then at every first aid post and drink station around the course (approx every two-thirds of a mile).

  • Drinks stations

    There will be refill points and cupped water stations as well as fuel stations on the course. There will also bef refill points in the Runners Village. You can check the location of these on your race day map. This is part of our sustainability policy.

  • Family Fun Run

    The Family Fun Run will start at about 11.20am, as soon as the half marathon runners have cleared the start.

    Please assemble in Edward Street (marked on your race guide) before the start of the half marathon at 11.00am.

    The course is just under one mile long from Great Pulteney Street down Pulteney Road to North Parade Road and back.

    Finishers will exit onto the Runners Village after collecting their medals and goody bags.

    Unaccompanied children will be asked by marshals to wait either at the finish line (to meet accompanying parents/adults on the course), or at the runners exit (to meet parents/adults in the public area).

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