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Runner Info

We anticipate having to make significant changes to the race in 2022 to accomodate COVID restrictions.

We are developing flexible alternative plans for next year’s half marathon to allow for a range of possible scenarios. These options will include :

  • alternative course routes
  • social distancing
  • significantly reduced runner and spectator numbers

Further details of arrangements for 2022 will be confirmed closer to the event.

In the meantime details of arrangements for our 2022 are set out below.

  • Race Day Tracking App

    Our free App will allow supporters to track your progress around the course and predict estimated finishing times using additional intermediate chip timing points at 5km, 10km, 15km and 20km.

    The mile and 5km markers will be on the left hand kerb on the first lap as you run, and on the right hand kerb on the second lap.

  • Getting to the Half Marathon Start

    Arrangements for 2022 will be confirmed closer to the event.

    Access to the Runners Village will be from Bath Sports Centre on North Parade Road

    Please be ready in the Runners Village in good time before the designated half marathon start time.

    To reduce congestion at the Runners Village there is a one way pedestrian system in operation. Please follow the pedestrian signs on the day. Please check the maps on the Race Day Guide and plan your route to avoid frustration.

    Red Routes – To the Runners Village (Bath Sports Centre)
    Blue Routes – Spectators to the start & finish
    White, Green & Orange Routes – Half marathon runners to their designated start bays.

  • Travel Information

    See our Getting to the Race page to find all the latest information about trains, buses, park & ride and car parking.

  • Half Marathon Start Pen Information

    Arrangements for 2022 will be confirmed closer to the event.

    Half marathon entrants will be allocated specific start pens, seeded according to the finish time you predicted on your entry form, with the fastest runners at the front and the slowest runners at the back. Your designated start pen will be indicated by the prefix letter on your race number (from A at the front, to H at the back).

    The front pens are reserved for elite and best for age athletes, runners with verified sub 90 mins finishing times, and faster general public entrants.

    Runners will be directed into their start pens along colour-coded routes from the Runners Village corresponding with the colours on your race numbers :

    Regardless of which pen you start in, all runners receive their own personal ‘chip time’ published in the race results recording your actual running time on the half marathon course, from the exact moment you crossed the start line until you finish the race.

  • Baggage Tent

    Arrangements for 2022 will be confirmed closer to the event.

    In previous years we have been able to provide a free baggage tent in the Runners Village for runners wanting to leave your kit during the race.

  • Keeping warm before and after the race.

    Bring an old hoodie or jumper with you to keep you warm as you wait for the start. You can discard this at the side of your start pen as you go under starters orders – these are collected and recycled by one of our race charities. If you don’t have a spare one, buy one from your local charity shop.

    Please do not bring bin liners to wear in your start pen, they create landfill waste and they can be dangerous, tripping other runners at the start.

    If you have given your warm clothes to friends and family before the race, make a plan for where you are going to meet them afterwards.

  • Toilets

    There will be plenty of toilets in the Runners Village, and in the Bath Rugby East Stand.  We also provide further runner only toilets along the pedestrian routes into the start bays.  Toilets do get busy a peak time before the race and you will need to queue. We also provide toilets on the course on Green Park Road just after the 1st mile and then at every first aid post and drink station around the course (approx every two-thirds of a mile).

  • Drinks stations

    Arrangements for 2022 will be confirmed closer to the event.

    Water stations will be provided on the course and after the finish

  • Family Fun Run

    We are currently reviewing arrangements for the 2022 Family Fun Run.

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