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Common results questions :

What is the difference between the ‘Chip Time’ and the ‘Gun Time’ ?

The ‘Chip Time’ is the time it took you to run the actual race distance, from the moment you crossed the start line, to the moment you crossed the finish line.  Some runners think of this as their personal ‘Running Time’, and this is the result most people quote when asked for personal best times etc

With the ‘Gun Time’ on the other hand the clock starts to tick the moment the starter’s horn is sounded.  Because UK Athletics road races are competitive races –  rather than time trials- competition results, prizes and course records are awarded according to the ‘Gun Time’.  Many runners refer to this as their ‘Gantry or Race Time’

Chip times will always be quicker than gun times, and at larger races, such as the Bath Half, it can take 15-20 minutes for all the runners to clear the timing mats on the start line

According to my GPS the Bath Half course was shorter/longer than a half marathon (13.01 miles, 21.10km)

At UK Athletics licenced road races you can be assured that the course route has been measured and certified for accuracy by the Association of UK Course Measurers. The Bath Half course has been unchanged since it was measured by Hugh Jones (one of the most experienced course measurers in the world – plus former London Marathon winner) in 2006.  The accuracy of GPS measurements has been discussed for many years now, and following research AUKCM have established that ‘GPS units are NOT accurate and consistent enough to measure a course for certification’.  For further details see the Association of UK Course Measurers website

What does ‘grading’ mean on the results?

 The World Association of Veteran Athletics (WAVA) publishes Age-Graded Tables which allow athletes of any age and sex to compare their performances with that of any other athlete. These tables and calculations are integrated within the race management software used to produce the results.

As an illustration, a woman of 53 competes in a 10Km Road Race and finishes in a time of 45 minutes and 18 seconds. So her performance is calculated using these tables as 77.28%. Likewise, a man of 40 competes in a 10Km Road Race and finishes in a time of 47:06 so his performance is calculated as 59.16%. So the use of these tables allows competitors to be judged on performance, without bias to age or sex.

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