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Sustainability policy – Change to Race Day site rules

 We have always been conscious of the environmental footprint of the Bath Half Marathon, and we work hard with our suppliers, contractors, partners and volunteers to reduce waste, encourage re-use and maximise recycling, constantly challenging ourselves to do more.

In 2019 we announced we were embarking on a new challenge to eliminate single use plastic from our event by 2021, starting with changes to our water stations. This year we provided water refill points in the Runners Village, and at the on-course water stations, where runners could re-fill their own water bottles. We also provided water in compostable cups at the last of our three water stations, as an alternative to bottled water.

Following positive feedback from competitors in our 2019 post-race survey, and exciting work over the summer with a new water supply partner our waste management contractor MJ Church, we will shortly be announcing our intention to accelerate this process and eliminate single use plastic at the 2020 Bath Half from all drink stations (using refill points for runners’ own bottles and compostable cups) and our goody bags.  This forms a central part of our emerging sustainability strategy for the event.

We are asking all our charity and commercial partners, and caterers to join us in making the 2020 Bath Half single use plastic free by providing alternatives to plastic bottles, cups, balloons, cheer sticks (or clappers), drinks stirrers, charity donation bags etc at both the Runners Village (including charity marquees) and cheering stations on the course route.

We will be providing designated bins in the Runners Village for compostable waste to be processed by our new commercial composting contractor.

There is a brilliant group on Facebook called The Charity Eco Hub which is a closed group for charity individuals who are passionate about reducing the environmental impact of the positive work of charities across the globe. The group is a movement which shares ideas and information, engages in constructive discussion and finds alternative solutions that reduces the negative impact of making a positive one. There has been a dramatic rise in the understanding and commitment to reducing the environmental impact when fundraising and working for charities. Many are increasingly uncomfortable with the regular use of single use plastic such as balloons and disposable banners for supporters; clapper sticks, water bottles and balloon arches at race days as well as merchandise and giveaways which may be thrown away after they have been used. We would encourage you to join this group but to also engage in discussion and share ideas/supplier details together on our closed charity Facebook page.


We appreciate this is a big change and will have an impact on your event planning and so we wanted to give you as much notice as possible.  Your support is invaluable and will make a huge contribution towards reducing the environmental footprint of the Bath Half.