The Odyssey

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Way Ahead Care, Twerton, Lower Bristol Road BA2 9ES
Mile 5 and mile 10

About the band:
The Odyssey are a 4 piece electro rock band from Bath, UK – consisting of Bass, Drums, Guitar and Synth/Guitar. Their sound incorporates strong synthetic hooks, lifting guitar solos, blues inspired drums and old school bass.

The Odyssey have built a strong collection of songs with a variety of influences from pop-punk to EDM. 2018 saw the band perform at numerous events, including Corston Festival.

The Odyssey have had overly positive feedback with playtime on US radio, thousands of social media followers and hundreds of likes on YouTube Videos.

Though a relatively new band, efforts have picked up love by numerous local clubs and events, with a healthy momentum building as appetite for new music from the group continues to grow.