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10th December – deadline for deferrals and refunds

Cancellation & Refund Policy

The moment you enter our race we start to incur administration costs and banking charges, simply in processing your entry and payment. We also incur further charges in administering cancellations and processing refund payments.

Most races do not offer any form of refund if a runner decides to cancel their place because of injury, illness, lack of training or change of plan. There are many other instances of higher priced services, such as plane, train or theatre tickets where no refunds can be given for cancellation in these circumstances.

However in fairness to half marathon entrants who cannot compete for whatever reason, it has been our policy at the Bath Half for many years to offer a partial refund to applicants who cancel their entry before the date we start to process our race pack mailout.  We offer half marathon entrants who notify us of cancellation of their entry on or before 10th December the choice of either a free Deferred Entry for the following year’s half marathon, or a £15 refund, or a £15 donation on your behalf to the Bath Half Marathon Fund.

After 10th December we offer half marathon entrants (apart from Platinum, Diamond, Ruby, Silver & Gold bond charity entries) a £5.00 discount for the following year’s race if you notify us of your withdrawal and return your race number & IPICO timing chip to us before race day.  Discounted entries must be registered on or before 31st August.

Deferred and discounted entries can only be deferred to the following year’s race, they cannot be exchanged for a refund, and neither can they be transferred to another entrant.

Each year we receive quite a few requests to transfer half marathon places from one runner to another. But like plane tickets, each entry is personally registered to a specific named individual. Reallocating race numbers and amending data held on the computer system at larger races such as the Bath Half would require considerable time and administration, and we would have to significantly increase the cost of all entries to cover cost of the additional staff required. That is why we feel it is fairer to all entrants to offer a free Deferred Entry or a partial refund or a discounted entry to half marathon runners who cancel their entries.

Running in someone else’s race number can have very serious consequences if the runner suffers a medical emergency – we have had cases where we have been unable to identify or contact families of runners who have suffered potentially life-threatening conditions whilst using someone else’s race number. The accuracy of the race results is also effected when runners are placed in the wrong age and sex category.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel applications, including duplicate applications, or alter the date of the event, the course route or distance.

2019 Half Marathon Refunds

Half marathon entrants who notify us of cancellation of their entry before 10th December will be offered the choice of a free Deferred Entry in the following year’s half marathon, or a £15 refund or a £15 donation on their behalf to the Bath Half Marathon Fund.

No refunds can be given after this date. Neither can refunds be paid to reserved charity entrants, or to free elite or partner entrants. Notice must be received using the designated on-line form on or before 10th December.

After 10th December, runners who notify us and return their race number to the half marathon office before race day will be offered a £5 discount for next year’s race (note: this does not apply to Platinum, Diamond, Silver & Gold bond charity entries)

Payment of refunds and confirmation of deferred or discounted entries will normally be issued within 14 days of receipt of your cancellation notification, although there may be instances of delay in busy times close to race day. Half marathon entrants wishing to carry forward/ defer their entry will be separately notified of the entries procedure in advance of entries release for the following year’s Bath Half Marathon. Notification will be sent by email or post to the last address registered on our records. Applicants should notify us of any address change.

No carry forward entry or refund can be offered for Family Fun Run entries.

Notification of Cancellation

Cancellation and refund requests for half marathon entries, and cancellation requests for fun run entries must be made using one of our on-line cancellation forms :

To cancel a general public half marathon entry or Family Fun Run entry – CLICK HERE

To cancel a reserved charity entry – CLICK HERE

You will receive an automated email to confirm your cancellation.  For charity entrants, we will also forward notice to your charity.

We regret that notice of cancellation and refund request cannot be accepted by post, email or by phone.


Entries to the Bath Half Marathon and Family Fun Run are personal to the applicant, and race numbers cannot be sold or transferred. Any runner who competes in another person’s race number will be disqualified.

Duplicate Entries

Duplicate entries made in genuine error will be refunded in full.

We reserve the right to cancel all entries and donate all entry fees to one of the race charities where we have reason to believe that duplicate entries have been deliberately made by an applicant with the intention of subsequent re-sale – ie ‘ticket touting’.

Where duplicate entries are made for different categories of entry we reserve the right to decide which category of entry will apply and which will be cancelled. For instance where an applicant has applied for both a general public place and a reserved fundraising place (eg official race charity or corporate challenge) we will normally decide to cancel the general public place in favour of the fundraising place.

Discounted UK Athletics Entries

Discounted UK Athletics Affiliated entries will only be available to athletic club members with paid up affiliation to their home country athletics association (England Athletics, Welsh Athletics, Scottish Athletics or Athletics Northern Ireland) for the current competition year at time of entry. Entrants claiming the UKA club discount whose competition licence fees are found on subsequent enquiry not to have been paid to their association at time of entry – regardless of whether paid by the club member or witheld by their club – will be required to pay the surcharge of £2.00 within 14 days on notice or to have their entry cancelled, subject to payment only of a refund of £15.  No discount will be offered to race entrants who join an athletic club and pay their competition licence after the date of entry.

Note : We rely on the membership information given to us by the home countries athletic associations, and we will uphold discounts where genuine error can be shown to have been made by the association.  However we are unable to uphold discounts where competition licence fees, paid in good faith by club members, have not been paid on by clubs to their associations in good time, in those instances we suggest members should seek redress from their club.

Merchandise Orders

Merchandise orders are governed by the Distance Selling Regulations which allow every customer the right to cancel their merchandise order within 7 working days of placing the order. This cancellation and refund right does not extend to race entries.

Cancellation of race entry more than 7 days after sale will not affect merchandise orders. However faulty or damaged merchandise will be replaced on receipt of the returned goods and written notice of the defect.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Click here to see our terms and conditions of entry to the Bath Half Marathon and Family Fun Run



We have refunded entry fees for all registered half marathon and Family Fun Run Entrants, following cancellation of this year’s race.

If you are an eligible registered general public entrant, and you have checked the account for the card used to purchase your entry, and you have not received your refund, please complete our REFUND ENQUIRY FORM, and we will make further enquiries and get back to you shortly.

Charity entrants should contact their charity direct.

Thanks for your patience and support as we worked though the refund process, this was the first time the event has ever been cancelled, so this was a new situation for us.

Many UK races do not refund entry fees in the event of cancellation, and try to exclude refunds quoting exclusions in their ‘terms and conditions’. But we respect our obligations under consumer law which require all traders to offer full refunds in the event of cancellation, and for this reason we have always had event cancellation insurance in place.

By the time we get to race day most of our entries income has already been spent on contractor and venue costs, so we don’t have sufficient money remaining to pay customer refunds. We made customer refunds a priority (over say our own costs or even charity refunds) and we quickly worked with our insurers to obtain an initial payment to cover entrants’ refunds.

Distributing refunds to 11,000 individual cardholders is a significantly more complicated and lengthy process than you might imagine, even in this digital age.

The refunds have all been processed by our registration provider Primo Solutions. Refund payments work their way through the banking system via our card services provider Stripe and should appear automatically in your account for the card originally used to purchase your entry.

Thanks for your continuing patience and support.

Donating Refund Payments to Charity

Many thanks to those entrants who generously donated their entry fee to the Bath Half Marathon Fund (managed by Quartet Community Foundation) to support the work of smaller local charities and voluntary groups within Bath & North East Somerset.  Details of our 2018 community grants programme will be published shortly.

Returning Timing Chips

Our timing chips are reusable, and can be used again and again.  Reusing chips helps keep down costs for future events.

Your timing chip was sent to you in a small pre-paid envelope, addressed to our contractor SportSystems. Simply drop this in the post and it will make its way back to us.  That would be really appreciated.

If you’ve already opened your chip envelope then please pop it into a fresh envelope with a stamp and post to:

Bath Half Marathon
Running High Events Ltd
PO Box 3315

2018 Finisher T-Shirt and Medals

Our 2018 Finisher T-Shirts and Medals have been scrapped, the raw materials created are in the process of being recycled and funds created will be donated to local charities.

As we don’t have funds to post Finisher T-Shirts and Medals to all entrants, we felt it would not have been fair to entrants who lived further away if we had offered them to some entrants, say those who lived locally, so we reluctantly made the decision not to offer Finisher T-Shirts and Medals to any 2018 race entrants.

Bath Half runners are justly proud of their Finisher T-Shirts and Medals from past year events, as a memento of their achievement in completing the ‘Bath Half Marathon’ or ‘Family Fun Run’.  We felt it would devalue that achievement if we distributed Finisher T-Shirts and Medals for an event which had not taken place.  This is consistent with our policy of scrapping surplus Finisher T-Shirts and Medals after each year’s event, rather than offering them for sale or giving them away.


If you couldn’t run due to injury or illness, and you notified us of your cancellation and returned your race pack to us before race day you will be offered a ‘Guaranteed Entry’ for the 2019 Bath Half Marathon. This will allow you an extended period until 31st August to register your entry at the discounted ‘Early Bird’ price.