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Runners’ Medical Resource

We want you to really enjoy your half marathon experience and to complete your training and the race safely.

With proper structured training virtually anyone can complete a half marathon, but there are some basic rules to follow to avoid medical complications, and there are some medical conditions which could prohibit you taking part.

There is also lots of misleading and frankly dangerous advice around on preparation for road races.  Where should you go for sensible and safe advice ?

– How much water should I drink ?

– Is it safe for me to run with asthma, diabetes, a heart condition, or if I’ve been ill ?

– Where can I get sensible advice on injury prevention and treatment ?

To support our runners the BATHALF has teamed up with race directors and race doctors from some of the largest road races in the UK (including the London Marathon and the Great North Run) to set up the most authoritative on-line down-to-earth guide on health, fitness and training, hydration, eating and preparation for endurance races.

For sensible and safe advice on how to prepare for a half marathon from experts who know – visit the Runners’ Medical Resource website