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Lead by Mark Ilott, this group is planned to help beginners and new runners prepare for the 2016 Bath Half Marathon. The training will be structured on the people that attend to ensure nobody will get left behind or left out. The sessions will be either incremental distance runs or training drill sessions designed to increase speed and stamina.

About the course leader:
Mark is a UKA Running Group leader and club runner who has experience of running Half, Full and Ultra Marathons. Mark has run the Bath Half on a number of occasions and will pass on experience and knowledge gained at this and other events, as well as other running tips and tricks.

More information about the course
The training will build to make participation in the race a memorable day and the runner well prepared. The group will be kept small and no-one will get left behind. Mark has run a number of beginner courses, with all participants reaching their goals

The group is open to over 16’s and the initial interest has been mainly from females but it is open to both genders. The minimum starting ability is for those who can comfortably run/walk for 3 miles

Cost and dates
The course costs £40 and runs up to the Bath Half race day. Participants need to join for a minimum of 8 weeks. To find out more about days and times please contact Mark on 01761 417077 or email