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Q. – What do I do if my race pack hasn’t arrived?

A. – If you’ve moved house without notifying us you’ll either need to arrange for your post to be redirected or collected from your old address, or alternatively you’ll need to order and pay for a REPLACEMENT RACE PACK – at a cost of £10 (increasing to £15 on Thursday 9th March).

If you contact us before 3rd March, we will post your race pack by first class mail. After this date, you’ll need to collect your pack from the Information Tent in the Runners Village between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 12th March, or after 8am on race day.

Q. – What are the arrangements for sending race packs to overseas entrants?

A. – We do not post out race packs to overseas entrants, unless they are able to provide a mailing address in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Overseas entrants who do not provide a UK mailing address will be sent an email including the Race Day Guide, and instructions on how to collect their race packs from the Information Tent in the Runners Village between 10am-4pm on Saturday 11th March, or after 8am on race day.

Q. – My race pack has arrived. Is there anything I need to do?

A. – We ask all entrants to please check the name and race number printed on your race pack envelope against the race number and the envelope containing your timing chip inside the pack. If these are incorrect, or don’t match please contact the Bath Half office using the CONTACT US form on our website.

We get a handful of mismatched race packs each year. In these instances, we will ask you to return your race pack to us, and we’ll post out a substitute, free of charge.

Please read the race day guide carefully. It includes essential information about arrangements for race day.

Please take care handling your race pack, particularly to avoid damaging or losing the timing chip, or mixing them up with the contents of someone else’s race pack. Please store your race pack in a safe place – ideally in the original envelope with the printed entrant’s name.

Q. – Do you charge for replacement or substitute race packs?

A. – REPLACEMENT RACE PACK cost £10.00 – increasing to £15.00 on Thursday 9th March, if want to move forward to a faster start bay, or if you’ve moved house, or if you’ve lost or damaged your original race pack or if you entered an incorrect postal address.

SUBSTITUTE RACE PACK – There is no charge for replacing a race pack which is mislaid or damaged by Royal Mail – assuming you correctly entered your postal address.

When we issue a replacement or substitute race pack we cancel the original timing chip and race number – which remain registered in your name. If the original race pack does subsequently arrive, it should be posted back to us, and not used or passed to another person.

Q. – Why do you charge for replacement race packs?

A. – REPLACEMENT RACE PACK – The £10 charge (increasing to £15.00 on Thursday 9th March) for providing a replacement race pack covers our costs to purchase a replacement timing chip, race number and postage, plus our administrative costs in individually checking an entrant’s registration, cancelling their original race pack and mailing out a replacement.

This charge is only made for runners who want to move to a faster start bay, or who have moved house (without notifying us in advance of our mailing dates, or without making arrangements to forward mail from their old address), entrants who lose or damage their race packs, or enter incorrect postal addresses.

In previous years before we charged for replacement packs, we used to receive hundreds of requests, and we felt it was fairer for these costs to be passed to runners who wanted replacement packs, rather than effectively being subsidised by other participants, through higher entry fees for all.

SUBSTITUTE RACE PACK – We do not charge for replacing a race pack which is mislaid or damaged by our mail provider – Royal Mail.

Q. – How do I order a Replacement or Substitute race pack?

A. – Our on-line order system for Replacement and Substitute race packs closes on 9th March.  After this date you will need to come to the Information Tent in the Runners Village on race weekend between 10am and 4pm on Saturday, and after 8am on race day.

Q. – How do the half marathon start bays work?

A. – Each half marathon entrant will be allocated one of eight start bays, seeded according to the finish time you predicted on your entry form, with the fastest runners at the front and the slowest runners at the back. The start bays are indicated by the prefix letters A at the front, to H at the back.

The front white bays A-D are reserved for elite and best for age athletes, and runners with verified sub 90 mins finishing times.

Runners will be directed into their start bays along three colour-coded routes corresponding with the colours on your race numbers, with white (bays A-E) for the front bays, green (bay F) for the middle, and orange (bays G & H) for the back.

Regardless of which bay you start in, all runners will receive their own personal ‘chip time’ in the race results according to the actual time it took you to complete the half marathon course, from the exact moment you crossed the start line until you finish the race.

On race day, you can decide to move back to a ‘slower’ bay behind your allocated bay, for instance if you want to accompany a slower runner, but runners cannot move forward into a ‘faster’ start bay.

If you wish to be allocated to a faster start bay you can purchase a REPLACEMENT RACE PACK – at a cost of £10 (increasing to £15 on Thursday 9th March).

Q. – Is there a cut off time to complete the half marathon ?

A. – Half marathon entrants need to be able to complete the 13 mile course within 4 hours.  Slower runners may be asked to run on the pavements in the latter stages of the race as the roads are reopened to traffic, but marshals, drink station and medical teams will remain in post until the last runner has passed.