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Q – How can I enter the Vitality Bath Half ?
A – Entries for the 2017 Vitality Bath Half Marathon are now open


Q – How can I enter the Bath Half Family Fun Run ?
A – Entries for the 2017 Bath Half Family Fun Run will open shortly ….

Q – What date is the 2017 Vitality Bath Half ?
A – The 2017 Vitality Bath Half is on Sunday 12 March.

Q – I have completed my registration form but it does not appear to have been submitted
A – Check that all compulsory fields have been filled in (marked with a red star). If they have, please try clearing your internet cookies or cache. Failing that, please try registering using a different internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox…) .

Q – How old must I be to enter the half marathon ?
A – Half marathon entrants must be 17 years or older on race day. Younger runners can take part in the Family Fun Run

Q – How do the half marathon start bays work ?
A – Each half marathon entrant is allocated a specific start bay, seeded according to the finish time you predicted on your entry form, with the fastest runners at the front and the slowest at the back. Regardless of which bay you start in, all runners will receive a personal ‘chip time’ in the race results according to the actual time it takes you to complete the course.  On race day you can decide to start in a ‘slower’ bay behind your allocated bay, for instance if you want to accompany a slower runner, but runners cannot move forward into a ‘faster’ start bay.

Faster runners who have achieved a sub-90 minute finishing time (or equivalent) within the last 2 years can apply for a place in our Sub-90 Mins Start (immediately behind our elite and best for age start pens), by completing the relevant section on your entry form at time of entry.

Q – My name (or time) is missing (or incorrect) in the results list 
A – Please see the guidance on our Results Queries page

Q – When I ran this year’s half marathon my GPS watch recorded a longer (or shorter distance) than 13.1 miles
A – GPS devices are useful for approximate measurements of training routes but are not consistent or accurate enough for course measurement.  See the advice on the Association of UK Course Measurers website