Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together answers to some of the questions we get asked most often. We hope you find this helpful.
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  • Entering the 2024 Race

    For details on how to entry the 2024 Bath Half Marathon

    See our How to Enter page

  • Start Waves and Times

    Half marathon entrants will be allocated one of three wave starts, seeded according to the finish time you predicted on your entry form, with the fastest runners in the first wave (WHITE START) at 10.20am, followed by the second wave (GREEN START) at 10.40am, and the slowest runners in the third wave (ORANGE START) at 11.00am. Your designated wave start will be indicated by the colour on the central band of your race number

    The front pens in the white start are reserved for elite and best for age athletes and runners with verified sub 90 mins finishing times

    Regardless of which pen you start in, all runners receive your own personal ‘chip time’ published in the race results recording your actual running time on the half marathon course, from the exact moment you crossed the start line until you finish the race

    On race day you can decide to move back to a ‘slower’ pen behind your allocated pen, for instance if you want to accompany a slower runner, but runners cannot move forward into a ‘faster’ start pen

    If you wish to be allocated to a faster start pen you can order and pay for a REPLACEMENT RACE PACK

  • Cancellations, Transfers, Deferrals & Refunds

    Details of our cancellation, transfer, deferral and refund policy are explained in our Cancellation, Transfer, Deferral and Refund page

    The terms and conditions of entry that you agreed to when you registered your entry can be found here ; Bath Half Terms and Conditions of Entry

  • Contact us

    For general queries please complete our CONTACT US enquiry form, making sure to include your name, the email address you used to register and a contact phone number

  • BATHALF Event App

    The free BATHALF App allows supporters to follow your progress in live time around the course as you pass our intermediate chip timing points at 5km, 10km, 15km and 20km. The TDL Event app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play

    Just search for “TDL EVENTS”

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