A more sustainable race

Here at the Bath Half we recognise that we have can have both a negative and positive effect on the environment. We are working towards a more sustainable future and we welcome your support and feedback on this journey.
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Our most sustainable year yet!


Zero Waste to landfill and a plastic free event, the 2020 Bath Half had its most sustainable year to date.

Replacing plastic bottles with tap water and compostable cups – courtesy of our partner Wessex Water – was rated 67% ‘Excellent’ to ‘Good’ in our post race survey, with 45% of respondents telling us they brought their own refill bottle to the event, and 90% of runners regularly using a refill bottle during their training.

Working together towards a more sustainable future

In 2020 we worked with A Greener Festival to further investigate the impacts of this event, quantifying our findings and developing a strategy for the future. Alongside this, we have been working with other major UK & EU road races to share ideas, knowledge and develop a sustainability framework within the road race industry. We are excited to see how this develops, working together towards a more sustainable future.

In 2020 we put in place a number of schemes and partnerships to help reduce our environmental impact. You can read about these below…

New for the 2020 race:

  • “Plastic Free Pledge”

    Running High Events Ltd, organisers of the Bath Half Marathon, have made a “Plastic Free Pledge” in alliance with SAS (Surfers Against Sewage) and Bath & North East Somerset Council. This is a collective community action by local businesses, organisations, schools, clubs and groups to eliminate single-use plastic and increase the use of sustainable alternatives.

  • Refill, Not Landfill!

    This year we are encouraging Bath Half participants to bring their own bottle to the event. Refill points, provided by Wessex Water, will be available at our two on-course “Hydrozones”, at the finish and within the Runners Village. Single use plastic bottles have historically been used to keep runners hydrated during road races, creating huge volumes of waste each year. By changing our habits we can create a closed-loop system of reuse. A limited number of 330ml running bottles will be available to purchase on race day at our Merchandise Tent.

  • Cupped Water

    All of the drinks stations this year will be providing water in compostable cups, replacing the traditional plastic bottled water. Plastic bottles not only result in a huge volume of plastic waste but water wastage too. Runners are advised to bring their own refillable bottle if they do not wish to drink from a cup on the course. Used cups will then be collected and composted by a local contractor and transformed into usable compost. 

  • Recycle your race number

    What do you do with your race number once you’ve crossed the finish line? Some runners wish to keep them as part of the race day memory, but on the whole they are discarded in their thousands. Race numbers are made from a material called Tyvek which requires specialised recycling. Please look out for our new “Race Number Bins” at our recycling points this year and we will recycle these for you.

  • How good is your goody bag?

    The answer to that is ‘extremely good’ this year. We have not only switched from plastic to paper bags but the contents are better for the environment too. T-shirts are now packaged in biodegradable bags, medals are no longer wrapped in plastic bags and there are no single use plastic items. If that’s not good enough then don’t worry, we are collecting all surplus and unwanted goody bag contents for recycling and distribution to aid charities. Look out for the new “Goody Bag Bins” within the Runners Village.

  • Energy that’s good for you and the planet

    HIGH5 will again be providing energy gels to runners this year on the course. Though the packaging may look like that of a standard gel, they are now made from a material called Terracycle which will be collected and recycled into a closed-loop system. Please help our volunteers at the energy station by using the specific “HIGH5 Bins” provided.

  • Got a spare seat?

    How are you travelling to this year’s event? If you are coming by car then why not save money and reduce congestion by teaming up with other participants and spectators. Visit the liftshare website to register your lift today, it’s free and easy to use.

  • Come and meet the BioBee

    You may have seen this unusual looking Bee buzzing around Bristol, and this year we are pleased to welcome GENeco’s BioBee to the Bath Half. This distinctive truck both collects and runs on commercial food waste; it demonstrates a real alternative to diesel by running on clean biomethane. Why not distract yourself from pre-race nerves by saying hello to the BioBee team and find out more about innovative clean energy.

  • Time and time again

    Each runner is issued with a timing chip to accurately record their individual race time. We have chosen a reusable plastic chip which easily attaches to your trainer. These chips are removed and collected at the finish line by our dedicated team of volunteers, where they can then be used time and time again.

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