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Training Hub

We’re passionate about running and fitness, both for personal health and wellbeing, and for society as a whole

We believe that events such as the BATHALF are part of the solution, not the problem. Our events inspire participation, provide a pathway into regular exercise and a platform for competitive sport, for our local community and beyond

The benefits of physical fitness, regular exercise and healthy living are clear. Your chances of catching COVID-19 will be reduced, and the likelihood of developing serious complications from COVID-19 will be substantially reduced if you are physically fit and a healthy weight. When the COVID pandemic retreats the UK will still be facing an underlying and growing epidemic of lifestyle diseases caused by lack of exercise and poor diet : obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hyper tension, many cancers, stress, anxiety, depression and dementia can all be either cured or substantially improved by regular exercise and healthy living

Training Plans

We are developing a series of new training plans for runners of all abilities from beginners, to intermediate and advanced runners, to support your training across a range of distances from 5km to 10km and half marathon

Realbuzz Club

We are working with realbuzz, our Official Training Partner, to develop an on-line training hub to support our BATHALF runners.  The BATHALF Group sits on the realbuzz Club on the Mighty Network App and provides free access to a range of training plans, training advice and community pages. Join today by clicking HERE


Training Advice

We will shortly be publishing a new series of features on advice to support your training and wellbeing including training tips, advice on getting started for beginners, gear advice, health and safety, cross-training, nutrition, training meals, stretching and warming up/warming down, injury prevention and self-treatment, returning to training after injury or sickness, news of other races and events, plus local run routes around the Bath area

We will be publishing a series of blogs from our resident Bath-based running coach – Hannah The Runner and Kim Murray

Also advice on hydration and recovery products from our Official Nutrition Partner – HIGH5

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