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Each year, we team up with 100-120 charities. Thousands of runners unite to make a real impact and since 2000, our charities have raised a staggering £30m
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Our Partner Charities
We have partner charities from all over the UK. There are many from the local Bath area and some much further afield. Many have been working with us since we started our charity scheme in 2000 and some are new for 2025. They have one thing in common. They are all committed to making your Bath Half experience a highly memorable one and in return they’d love as much support from you as possible.

This year have three lead charities, and you’ll find more information on them below. They are our local charity, RUHX, and two national charities,  Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research UK. They will have a big presence on race day and will all support you every step of the way.

What Charity Should I Choose?
There are a lot of charities to choose from! It’s always a good idea to choose one that you have an affinity with. The more you can relate to your charity the more committed you’re likely to be and the more you’re likely to raise for them. Fundraising can be extremely rewarding and it’s a lot easier if you have a connection or relationship with your charity. Check how they can support you as well. Do they offer fundraising advice or training tips?

All of our partner charities are listed HERE

Charity Runner Rewards
You’re no longer running this race alone – you’re running shoulder with a whole team of charity runners; all working together to reach the finish line and raise money for an amazing cause. Your chosen charity will be with you every step of the way, offering you all the support you need during your training and fundraising, race day and beyond!

You’ll receive a whole host of benefits as a charity runner. These vary from charity to charity and between charity place and own place runners, but here’s the type of thing you can expect:

Charity running vest or t-shirt
Training plans
Coaching sessions
Access to virtual events for training
Run groups and meetups
VIP pre and post-race zones on the big day
Dedicated cheering stations on the course
And of course, the all-important party after the race!

Fundraising Targets
When you get a charity place, you’ll agree on a fundraising target with your chosen charity. The typical fundraising amount for one of the charities’ guaranteed entries is £250-£300 – this will make a huge difference to your charity and enable them to carry on their life-saving work. If you have your own entry, you can fundraise whatever you like, but obviously the more you can raise the better!

Already Got A Place and Would Like To Support A Charity?
If you have entered our public entry system and paid for an entry, you’re what’s known as an own place runner. You might not have thought of running for a charity before, but you should, it can be really rewarding. You don’t need to raise a pre-agreed amount of money for your chosen charity, but just bear in mind that if the charity you pick does provide you with any products or services like a running shirt or training tips, it all cost money. Do your best to raise as much as you can. Aim for £250 and then keep going…

Use your place to support a charity – they are all listed HERE

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