How to stay on track over the festive period


It can be the most wonderful time of the year for some and for others the most dreaded time of the year – when it comes to fitness goals.  However you celebrate Christmas – here are my top 10 tips on how to stay on track over the festive period.

1. Run at the start of your day – if you can – rather than the evening, then you are ‘run and done’ and you don’t have to think about it all day.

2. Plan your training programme around the holidays – if your long run is usually on a weekend – move it to another day in the week and take advantage of the extra bank holidays and time off.

3. Stay active every day – you don’t have to run, but get outdoors, go for a walk, why not try ice skating or if you don’t like the cold, join in a cosy yoga class or go for a swim.

4. Make sure you stay hydrated – its easy to go off track when your normal routine is changed.  Try a slice of lemon in hot water with a splash of honey – warming and refreshing.

5. Choose healthier snacks – at least some of the time – when you are snacking and nibbling it is hard to keep a track of everything you are eating.

6. Ask Santa for running-related stocking fillers ‘I have too many running socks’ said no runner ever!

7. Try not to stay up late every night over the holiday period – sleep is vital for recovery and even if you aren’t as active as you normally are, you still need to rest, recover and recharge.

8. Look at your calendar and plan for a low-intensity week in your training.  Swap some of your runs for walks – spend time with family and friends.

9. Don’t be too hard on yourself, most of us have very busy lives with lots of extra things to have to juggle at this time of the year.  A few days off plan won’t affect your physical fitness – it will actually be good for your body to have a rest.

10. And if all else fails – remember January is just around the corner, and its the most popular month of the year for people re-setting their health and fitness goals.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy December

Angela MacAusland

Run Coach Angela


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