Andrea and Margaret,  Bath Cats and Dogs Home volunteers, have helped the Bath Half Marathon’s support team for several years, beginning in 2017 when they were first allocated the Information Tent to offer assistance to runners. Little did they know that their involvement would grow into an enduring connection with the race.

In 2019, Andrea took on the challenge of running the Bath Half herself. Preparing and training to run for a local hospice charity following the cancellation of the official race the previous year. Completing the race was a personal goal of which she is very proud.

At the end of the race, Andrea was met with heartwarming support from two people from Bath Cats & Dogs Home, a volunteer called Margaret and staff member, called Sue. Their support and encouragement was much appreciated after a very tough run!

In 2020, amid the challenges posed prior to the pandemic and adverse weather conditions, Andrea chose to contribute to the Bath Half in a different way. Along with Margaret she again volunteered on behalf of Bath Cats & Dogs Home, working in the de-chipping area. Despite the wet weather and looming uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, they and their fellow volunteers soldiered on, earning the gratitude of both runners and the event organisers for their dedication.

In 2022, Andrea and Margaret returned to the Bath Half as volunteers, this time assisting in the Baggage Tent. Their involvement allowed them to connect with fellow Bath Cats & Dogs Home volunteers who support the organisation on weekends, creating a sense of community and shared purpose.

Throughout their journey with the Bath Half, Andrea has not only felt valued and appreciated but has also witnessed the significance of each role in making the event a success. The sociable aspect of volunteering has been a pleasant bonus too, providing the opportunity to meet new people each year and reconnect with friends.

Andrea and Margaret continue to offer their support to the Bath Half and are happy to donate their fee to local charity, Bath Cats and Dogs Home. Their positive experience means they encourage others to consider volunteering at similar events, especially if they are unable to participate as runners themselves.

Before volunteering, both Andrea and Margaret were regular spectators, cheering on friends, family and colleagues running in the Bath Half, regarding the event as an integral part of the Bath community; raising awareness of the need for volunteers to help make such events successful.

Andrea and Margaret’s story is a testament to the transformative power of community involvement and the enduring connections that can be formed through selfless service.

 Join us in creating memorable moments, fostering a sense of community, and supporting valuable causes. Together, we can continue to make the Bath Half a cherished and thriving tradition.

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