The British Dyslexia Association is the national charity dedicated to supporting those with dyslexia achieve their potential in education, employment and in life. 10% of the population are thought to be dyslexic, but it’s a hidden disability and often poorly understood.

The BDA is here to change that. We offer free, vital services such as the national Dyslexia Helpline and training webinars for parents, teachers and employers ensuring our support reaches far and wide. We have been the experts in the field of dyslexia for over 50 years, campaigning for change and leading the way in embedding dyslexia friendliness across all parts of society. We work with a wide variety of organisations to help cultivate and encourage best practise for people with dyslexia, increasing the understanding of the challenges – and promoting the benefits – of a different way of thinking.

With your support we can create a world where people with dyslexia can flourish.

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