Focus is a safe place providing professional counselling to people in Bath, Frome, Wells and the surrounding areas. Established in 1999, we are a team of qualified and trainee counsellors helping people worried about their mental health and wellbeing. We offer acceptance, warmth and compassion with whatever you are dealing with.

At Focus, we want to meet people wherever they are in life. Creating a safe space where clients can feel heard and accepted is important to us. We celebrate each person and strive to help clients find a way through” Helen Marton, Chief Executive

Our Vision

To improve mental health in the BANES area and beyond through affordable, professional, and authentic counselling, regardless of background. To create confidential, safe spaces for the exploration of feelings through much-needed support groups that target areas of mental health.

Our Values

Our services are delivered within the context of a Person-Centred, Christian ethos which takes people’s spirituality seriously and respects the views of those with other faiths or no faith. Clients can talk freely and confidentially without fear of being judged. We value the fundamental worth of all human beings and the belief that within us all is the capacity for learning and growth.

Our Mission

To offer affordable counselling to all, whether adults, children, teenagers or couples. We are also committed to helping the development and skills of trainee counsellors and offer quality placements.

If you are interested in running for us, please email Gwen at: [email protected]

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