About the charity, I Can & I Am

I Can & I Am is a charity with a passion to inspire confidence in young people and to help them to maintain good mental health. The charity was founded by the inspirational educational speaker James Shone who visits hundreds of schools and businesses every year speaking to educators, parents, pupils, and employees.

The charity are raising money to run their wellbeing double decker bus. The I Can & I Am team visit schools, charities, universities and businesses around the Bath area on board the bus.  Workshops on the top deck of the bus are combined with pizza making in the converted kitchen on the ground floor, providing valuable tools to help improve self-esteem and maintain good mental health. The time in the kitchen cooking pizza stimulates a sense of togetherness and creativity and the small group workshops on the top deck look at how each individual can maintain their own sense of self-belief.

Above all, everything is underpinned by fun, positivity, empathy, and passion for what we do.  We are experienced and empathetic professionals who understand young people and how life can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, the emphasis is always on finding ways to move forward positively. Our mission at I Can & I Am is to provide young people and staff with the tools they need to maintain good mental health and a strong sense of who they are and what they CAN do.

The bus has now had over 14,000 visitors since it’s launch in 2021 and the feedback is over-whelmingly positive with 82% of visitors saying their self-belief is better after their time on board the bus. The demand is such that we’ve now purchased a second double decker bus which will begin visiting schools in February 2024.

If you would like to run for us, please email us on: [email protected]

Website: https://icanandiam.com/