We are a small bowel cancer charity with a big mission to support individuals and their families who are faced with a life changing diagnosis. We offer a variety of support, relief and awareness through a variety of different channels, events and activities.

Our primary aims are to:

  • Increase awareness and education: To advance the education of in particular, young individuals (under the age of 50), by promoting understanding, awareness, early detection and treatment of bowel cancer;

  • Provide Relief: To provide relief to those in need who have been disadvantaged due to ill health or financial hardship as a result of a bowel cancer diagnosis and/or to their carers and families; and

  • Support individuals: To relieve sickness and preserve the health of the patients of bowel cancer by providing or assisting in the provision of equipment, facilities and services to aid the treatment of bowel cancer.

If you would like to run for us, please email: [email protected]



Charity website: https://www.thebowelmovement.uk/