The Woodworks Project is a Bath-based charity that empowers people to find their purpose, through traditional woodworking and upholstery, within a safe and creative environment. Since 2014, the charity has been helping people facing challenges, including mental health, learning disabilities, alcohol or drug abuse, or a major life trauma. The Woodworks Project team is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive community, where everyone has a fair opportunity to learn skills for their future and to move forwards in their lives.
The people who come to our projects work on making, renovating and upholstering furniture, which is then sold in our shop in Southgate Street. Along the way, they learn the woodworking and upholstery skills needed to produce work to a high standard that they can be proud of! Our workshops focus on good quality work, with no deadlines to work to and everyone is free to work and learn at a pace that meets their individual needs.
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