Three Ways School is a Special Needs Academy in Bath and NE Somerset offering a unique, stimulating learning environment to over 220 pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities aged 3-19. At Three Ways School, we’re making a difference to young people with learning difficulties and disabilities every day. We want to do more, and we need your help.

Our students receive personalised care and support throughout the school day but it is extremely hard for them to access mainstream clubs, resources and activities in the communities. The students at Three Ways need a higher level of specialist staff support to access activities and this makes the provision much more expensive than mainstream provision.

We receive government funding for core curriculum teaching, but that doesn’t cover ambitious extra projects.  However, we are determined not to let that stand in our way of giving our students access to new experiences, to developing passions and hobbies, to being part of a team and giving parents and carers much-needed care and respite – an opportunity this community deserve as much as any other school child.

We are currently fundraising for a variety of new equipment and opportunities and would love to have you run the Bath Half Marathon for us to help support these appeals. We are aiming to raise over £10,000 as a team and will be holding a number of joint events and training sessions as well as online fundraising to reach our target.

If you would like to run for Three Ways School please contact [email protected] or call 01225 838070.

Also visit our website to find out more


Open Orchestra-£2000

Open Orchestra gives students at the school an amazing opportunity to personally engage with music and to be part of communal music and communication with an audience whatever their ability, movement and communication needs. Open Orchestra brings accessible instruments for the young people to try and builds to playing music together. They can gain the pleasure from performing, or just enjoying the sensation of making music. This is something we would love to be able to continue to offer the students at Three Ways School.  Funding would allow for us to have a regular Open Orchestra and the necessary equipment in school.


Sensory Studio Development-£5,000-£30,000

The Sensory Studio is an amazing resource for the school, giving a fully immersive space using sounds, light, projection, movement and smell to create any setting the class wish to experience. The studio is used for a massive variety of learning from the arts, to lifeskills, language to play.

We need to update some of the features of the studio including the projection and IT Equipment, as this is now 10 years old. We also want to insert a moving floor which can be used for sound resonance, physiotherapy and immersive learning. The space to create this was built into the studio but we have never had the funds to put in the mechanics for a vibrating floor.

Play and Playground Development £10,000

Playtime is often a difficult time for young people with additional needs. Unstructured time leads to people feeling upset and sometimes to very difficult behaviours. We try to minimise this with a lot of choices of activities and stimulating play during unstructured time. In order to do this we need to invest in new equipment for the play areas.

We would like to install some new play equipment and update some old including-; hanging bars and gym equipment, giant jenga, painting and decorating a playhouse and building a car race track and climb through tubes into the gardens.

We look forward to seeing you at the Bath Half Marathon 2022!

Bath Half Fundraising History

Three Ways School has now been an official charity partner of the Bath Half Marathon for 2 years and in this time have raised a total figure of £15,215 from fundraising at this event.