Voices of Aphasia’s flagship project, the Bath Aphasia Choir, is an accessible and supportive singing group for people with aphasia and their loved ones to sing together and find their voice through the power of music and singing.

Aphasia is the term for neurological problems with communication and language, including speech, reading and writing. It can present after a brain injury (including stroke) which causes damage to the parts of the brain responsible for processing and producing language. One-third of people who survive a stroke will be left with aphasia, and a sudden loss of language ability can feel very frustrating and can leave people feeling isolated and depressed.

Because music and singing are processed throughout the brain, some people with aphasia find that although they can’t speak fluently, they are still able to sing – particularly familiar songs. We know that singing, particularly in a group, can help to improve people’s mood and emotional wellbeing. This combined benefit has led to the creation of choirs for people with aphasia and other neurological conditions around the world, although ours was one of the first in the UK.

Our choir is led by Music Therapists Laura Cook and Denise Wong. Through using accessible materials and communication techniques we support people with aphasia and their loved ones to sing together and offer a supportive and understanding environment where people can share their experiences, practise their communication skills and make new friends. We sing uplifting and meaningful songs, and offer a safe and understanding space for people with aphasia and those who love and care for them to come together and support each other.

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Charity website: https://voicesofaphasia.com/bath-half-2024/