How did you start your day today? With a shower, followed by a hot drink perhaps? You may have washed up your breakfast bowl, gone to the toilet and washed your hands to set yourself up for the day.

We depend on clean waterdecent toilets and good hygiene so much while going about our everyday routines to help us keep clean, comfortable and healthy. But can you imagine how different life would be without these three things?

That’s the reality for millions of people we work for and with, who are living in poverty and excluded from mainstream services. Without clean water, people – often women and girls – have no choice but to walk long distances to fetch and drink dirty water. This impacts their health, their education and their livelihoods. And climate change is making their situation worse; every day, already fragile water supplies are at even greater risk of disappearing completely.

It might not seem obvious that the three go hand in hand. But without decent toilets, water sources can become contaminated. And without clean water, we can’t have good hygiene practices that stop the spread of disease.

We’re not here for short-term fixes. With local communities we find sustainable solutions so that people can change their lives for good. Will you help us get there?

Run for WaterAid and when you cross the finish line, you won’t just be achieving your own goal: you’ll be helping others reach theirs too, thanks to the life-changing power of clean waterdecent toilets and good hygiene.

If you would like to run for us, please email: [email protected]




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