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Course Description

The Bath Half Marathon is a fast flat course, straddling both sides of the river Avon and avoiding all the hills surrounding the City. It is an ‘honest’ two-lap course with proven PB (‘personal best’ time) criteria, entirely traffic-free (full road closures throughout). Even at the front end you’ll have plenty of company to pull you round for a good time.

This is a ‘Big City’ race, starting & finishing at the same point in Great Pulteney Street – with a roadway spanning 46 feet – one of the widest Georgian boulevards in Europe and a course that threads through the heart of this historic city.

The first mile is gently downhill down Pulteney Road to Churchill Bridge – so resist all temptations to go off too fast.

You then follow two identical laps from Churchill Bridge, gently rising up past Green Park Station, a gentle ‘pull’ round Queen Square (the most crowded spot for spectators on the course), then down Charlotte Street and out along the Upper Bristol Road, gently undulating along Newbridge Road, and a longer ‘pull’ up to the ‘New Bridge’ at the beginning of the dual carriageway. From the ‘Twerton Fork’ the race heads back towards the City centre, pancake flat along Lower Bristol Road, before crossing over Churchill Bridge and up Green Park again for the beginning of the second lap. At the end of the second lap the runners pass across Churchill Bridge, finally rising gently (but remorselessly) back up Pulteney Road all the way to the finish with a dramatic finish in Great Pulteney Street.


Final arrangements for the 2020 course will be published in the New Year.  General arrangements are proposed to be largely unchanged from previous years.

This year, due to development works at Bath Quay, we are again having to divert the course around the Ambury and Corn Street, and the position of the start/finish line will be adjusted to maintain the measured distance.

We will shortly be announcing changes to our water stations and energy station, to reduce the environmental impact of our event. 

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2019 Race Day Guide

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CLICK HERE to view and download our 2019 Race Day Guide

In 2020 the course route will again be diverted slightly (as in 2017) due to development works on the Bath Quays site on Green Park Road. 

Otherwise the BATHALF course route has been unchanged since 2006. The current course is close to the original course used in early years of the race, and described by IAAF course measurer Hugh Jones as ‘flat, with three undulations’.

Toilets and drinks stations

Toilets are provided at all first aid posts and at all drinks stations. There are further toilets in the Runners Village and inside the assembly area for each start bay.

We will shortly be announcing changes to our water stations and energy station, to reduce the environmental impact of our event. 

In 2019 water & HIGH5 energy gel was provided on the left hand kerb at the following locations on the half marathon course:

  • Water: 2 miles, 5 miles, 8 miles, 10.5 miles, 12.5 miles
  • HIGH5 Energy Gel Aqua (orange flavour): 6.5 miles – FIRST LAP ONLY

Further water was provided after the finish of the half marathon and fun run. HIGH5 recovery product was also provided in the half marathon finisher goody bags.

Mile and km Markers

Large Mile Markers signs will be erected on each measured mile mark, and every 5km.  The first lap mile and km markers will be positioned on the left (inside) kerb, and the second lap markers on the right (outside) kerb

Intermediate Timing Points

This year we again be providing additional intermediate chip timing points at 5km, 10km, 15km and 20km.

Entertainment around the course

Our ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition will be returning again this year with local bands playing at seven locations around the course.

BBC Radio Bristol’s presenter will be announcing at the start and finish, alongside our own athletics commentator.

Most of our 130 race charities also be organising cheering points around the course to support runners.

Crowd Support

The BATHALF is famous for MASSIVE CROWD SUPPORT around the course.  Due to it’s 2-lap configuration and bridges linking both sides of the river, spectators can move around the course to watch runners on multiple occasions.  Also as the course runs through residential areas in the heart of the city, local residents often watch the race from outside their own houses.

First Aid and Medical Services

First aid and medical services for competitors (and spectators) are provided by St John Ambulance assisted by paramedics from the NHS South West Ambulance Service Trust and a team of specialist doctors and nurses coordinated by our Medical Director Dr Rachel Outen. First aid posts in marked marquees are located at roughly one mile intervals around the course, plus a large first aid tent in the Runners Village and a primary medical facility at the finish in Great Pulteney Street. These are supplemented by mobile response vehicles and ambulances.

If you feel unwell during the race, if you can please try to continue to the next first aid post, or seek help from a course marshal in a orange ‘hi-viz’ jacket. Runners who drop out can wait at a first aid post for transport back to the Runners Village with our ‘sweeper’ mini bus.